The Complete Minder

Minder was one of Britain’s top television shows of the 1980s and 1990s and was seen by millions of viewers in more than 80 countries around the world. The Complete Minder takes a detailed look at how Leon Griffiths’ original concept – of a tough and gritty London crime drama with a hint of humour – saw the humour overtake the drama and evolve into a show that reflected the social, political and economic conditions of the era.

With comprehensive details of every episode, writer, director and actor, this is an invaluable reference source, not just for Minder fans and television historians but also for anyone interested in British television generally. This new edition is updated, revised and expanded from the bestselling 2002 edition (titled The Phenomenon that was Minder), and now has discussion of the new Minder series in 2009, ‘missing’ material not intended for general transmission, and information on Minder in Australia, where the show had its biggest success outside Britain.

Praise for the previous edition
'The only guide to Minder you'll ever need' — George Cole ('Arthur Daley')

'Hugely entertaining and informative — the essential Minder companion' — Patrick Malahide ('Sergeant Chisholm')

'All the facts and figures of Minder are here' — Glynn Edwards ('Dave the Barman')

'All Minder fans — and there are millions — will relish this telling of a legend' — Michael Povey ('Sergeant Jones')

Inkstone Books, February 2014
ISBN 978-962-86812-2-8 GBP16.99

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