Excerpt from A guide to the slang used in Minder

leak. Act of passing urine (Ex. Iím going out for a leak). Have (or take) a leak. Urinate.

leg it. Run off (Ex. As soon as the alarm goes off weíll leg it).

leg over. Sexual intercourse or to engage in such. Hence: get oneís leg over.

legit. abbr. legitimate. Honest.

lemon. Stupid person. (Ex. He's a right lemon).

lemonade. r.s. on spade. Black person.

lift. Steal.

Lily Law. The police. [Esp. used by London barrow boys since 1930s]

Lucozade. r.s. on spade. Black person. [Tonic drink]

manor. 1 District served by a particular police station. 2 The immediate vicinity (Ex. Iíve never heard of anyone with that name on this manor).

mark (one's) card. Give information or advice about.

merchant banker. r.s. on wanker.

minces. abbr. r.s. from mince pies. Eyes. [Usage known from late 19th C.]

moby. abbr. r.s. from Moby Dick. 1 nick q.v. (as in prison) 2 sick (to be ill) [Fictitious whale]

mockers on, put the. 1 Bring bad luck to. 2 Put a stop to. (Ex. Thatís put the mockers on the horse running next week). [Yiddish]

monkey. Five hundred pounds. [Decoration on 500 Rupee note during time of British Raj cf pony q.v.]

mons (pronounced monze). 1 (often followed by it up) To spoil (something) (Ex. We know what weíre doing now so donít mons it up this time.) 2 A disaster, bad outcome (Ex. It was a right mons from start to finish.) [Historical sl. for female genitalia. Probably from anatomical term mons Veneris, a fleshy pad of tissue above the vulva]

moosh. Derogatory form of address to a man (Ex. Here moosh, what do you think youíre doing?) [Gypsy origin]

moriarty. r.s. on party [Character in Sherlock Holmes stories]

mouse. Moustache.

mug up. Study. Also mug up on.

muscle. 1 Strong or muscular person, often hired to give protection (Ex. Youíre not the only muscle around here). 2 Muscular force or exertion of bodily strength, esp. by fighting (Ex. I throw a bit of muscle around).

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